Churn My Heart

via Daily Prompt: Churn

The ingredients of despair pours into the bowl of my heart.

The hurt turns with the mixture of anger and hate.

How do I come out of this pain? The ache?

This recipe calls for a bitter taste. I can taste the salt.

But you came along.

A mixture of sweetness. A mixture of pepper which added a certain spice to help me leap out of this despair.

I found it to be weird but it made a great combination.

It relieved the pain. It soften the blow of the heavy hitter, depression.

It made me see things differently.

You added a fresh flavor of butter to smooth out the ache of revenge.

Your love churns and churns in my heart. Making it easier to see everything in the light of forgiveness.

I say thank you. You know who you are.

My churner. My heart. My love.


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