The Case of the Two Women

QoR8Bv1S2SEqH6UcSJCA_TeaOn a hot summer day, two ladies sat across from each other on the train. Each one wore a summer dress, sandals, makeup, jewelry, and carried a tote bag. Each woman wore her hair up in a bun with flower hair accessories to adorn it.

Woman one frowned as woman two smiled. Woman one peered at woman two with great disgust. As she looked upon woman two from head to toe, she began to critique her life.
Her bun is slightly tilted, not held tight in place. Her floral hair accessories do not match her attire. Her makeup is minimum. Her eyeliner is uneven and her mascara is slightly smeared. No blush for her cheeks, that would’ve been a nice gesture. Her full lips display red color…she should’ve gone for pastel pink as I did. Her fingernails are a little sloppy. I suppose she’s done it herself. How unfortunate to not have enough money to treat yourself to a day of pampering such as I.
Her dress looks nice but cheap. Maybe she got it from the thrift store. Her sandals are worn. I can see the thread loosening around the sole. Poor thing. Only if she would’ve known about the fabulous sales in Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and others as I did. None of my shoes will look this way. Her toes are polished but it doesn’t go well with the tone of her skin. I can see the ash of her skin underneath her toes. Maybe she didn’t have time to check herself as I did.
Oh, unfortunate one. If only you had as much as I do, you will be fabulous such as I.
Woman two was engrossed with reading the advertisements above woman one head. After reading, her eyes fell upon woman one.

Woman two was engrossed with reading the advertisements above woman one head. After reading, her eyes fell upon woman one.
Wow she’s beautiful. I wish my hair was like hers. It’s so neat. I couldn’t get mines to set right because I was busy rushing to get the children to school. I couldn’t find the right hair accessories because my daughter lost them. So, I wore these. I knew it wouldn’t quite match but my baby girl said I looked pretty with them so I kept it in.
I wish my makeup was nice like hers. I need the waterproof makeup. Today I received a surprise from my boss and I cried. I thought I fixed it until I looked at my reflection from my phone. Oh well, I’m on my way home to my family to celebrate.
Her lipstick is perfect. I like her color. Maybe I’ll stop by the local beauty store to pick it up. I wear only red because my husband loves it. Time for a switch up. I hope he likes it. I’ll pick up the same color nail polish as well so Clarita can do my nails. Baby girl did my nails last night. She felt so proud of her work so I didn’t want to break her heart by taking it off.
Her dress is so nice. I can tell by the fabric its expensive. One day my oldest daughter will make me one of expensive fabric. The one I’m wearing is the first she’s ever made. She used whatever material that was on sale at the time. Her father promised to buy her some material when he gets paid at the end of the month. I’m so proud of her. I told her I would wear it today and it brought me a blessing. I also got a lot of positive comments on it. I can’t wait to let her know.
Wow. Her shoes are gorgeous. I’ve seen the same ones in Macys but couldn’t get them. They didn’t have my size. My sandals are so worn but I refuse to get rid of them. These were the sandals I wore on my first date ten years ago with my husband. We were married a year later. He loved my daughter and I with all his heart. He said he loved these sandals because it displayed my feet in a beautiful way. I wish I would’ve had lotion with me. I stepped in a puddle of water outside and instantly my skin became ashy. Thank God, I’m on my way home.
I’m just thankful for all my blessings.
The train comes to a halt. Both women get off the train. Both women walk in the same direction. Woman one goes in the building with the doorman. Woman two continue to walk three more blocks down and two blocks over. She comes to a building with two men sitting out in their chairs, talking about everything.
Woman one is greeted by the doorman. She barely acknowledges him. Woman two is greeted by the two men who are well in their sixties. She briefly talks with them about politics, life, and girlfriends. She chuckles, say goodbye, and walk up the stairs leading to her apartment.
Woman one takes the elevator up. She reaches her apartment on the very top floor. Opening the door, she hears the echo of silence which greets her at the door of her lavish apartment. Her husband is nowhere to be found. Another night alone. Her “help” finally comes to her aide. She fusses at them for not being at the door waiting to release her from her many shopping bags. She grabs a drink, walk to the balcony, and sit…watching the sunset over the city. Tears flow from her eyes. Her husband is with another woman.
Woman two is greeted by her son on the staircase. Though eight years old, he aims to help as much as he can. He grabs a recycled bag from his mother. His smile brightens her day. As she enters the small apartment, she is greeted with love from her family. The smell of dinner and dessert fills her heart with love. The decorations to celebrate the promotion she received on her job this morning made her tear. The kisses and hugs from her husband and three children made her thankful and grateful. Her blessings. Home with her.
Life is perfect.

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