Today, scrolling through my newsfeed of my Facebook, I notice all the posts about graduation, whether it’s for my friends’ children or for themselves. At first, I’m going to be very honest, it made me feel a certain way for years…until now.

For the past couple of years, my life has taken a totally different road than planned. Some things I never seen coming. But it showed a lot of who I am and who I’m becoming. It’s not easy. I have my moments and you will see why.

I’m a mother of seven, four boys and three girls. It hasn’t been easy to stir them in the direction “I” wanted them to go in. What I saw for them were great schools, great grades, honor graduations, college bound, college graduate. Fortunately, some of this didn’t happen. Fortunately? Yes. I’ll explain.

After having my second child, I realize there was a difference between him and my first. My first…independent, intelligent, did most things on his own. My second wasn’t as independent but intelligent. He did things differently. I knew then I couldn’t treat him as the first.

As time went on, I notice that 3,4,5,6, and 7 were all different in their way. Giving directions and instructions became a job that most of the times were draining…yet I learned about each one of them. I realized, God has given me a job no other can do. It’s designed specifically for me.

I decided to take on a different approach to raising my children. Being the woman that I am, I decided to allow God to show me which road to take with each one. It’s challenging at time, but the reward that will come from it… I look forward to.  This approach has cause great controversy within my relationship with family and with people. Every advice given I know is in love but I have to follow God on this one.

One of my children has depression. He’s now breaking out of it slowly. One deals with self-doubt. One deals with Autism. One deals with being the Awkward Tall Girl. One deals with sadness. One deals with being the youngest boy and feeling alone. One is just who she is…the baby.

How do I deal?

Prayer, support, forums, reading, prayer, advice but most of all God himself. Constantly staying before Him has worked wonders for me. I started to see the way he sees. I started to walk in His leading on how to discipline, nurture, and care for mines. So far, its working on at least three of them. I know the rest will follow.

My children are different. I get it now. I no longer see other children and wish my child would be like them. I no longer see posts of my friends honoring their children rewards and achievements in school and wish my children would do the same. I no longer wish my children to be “normal”. They are.  They’re the best in their own way.

I make sure to celebrate every little step they make towards their goal in life. I don’t care what it is…we celebrate. I thank God for my children appreciating just the simple things in life. So, my celebrating could be baking their favorite dessert, cooking their favorite dish, taking walks or rides to our favorite spot, or just a big hug and support for the next level of success.

So today I look at mines with admiration in my eyes and inspiration in my heart. They make me a better woman. They make me want to do better, be better, feel better, love better, etc. They’re mines.



It’s rare to get all of them in one pic but we did it. Look at my eldest and youngest doing the same face. Yep bro and sis for real lol. 



And I’m thankful.

Gratefully submitted,




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