QoR8Bv1S2SEqH6UcSJCA_TeaGood morning to you all. As I sat at the table early this morning, sipping on some ginger tea and eating a banana (no cookies…sigh), I came across this article from MSN (yes they’re still around). It talked of 11 ways to end a marriage affair (if you are the other party involved/side piece/etc.).

It made me think about how often do we married and singles engage in the thought of or action of an affair. Affairs are extremely dangerous. Even emotional affairs. It’s a thought turned action, in most cases,  from the place of hurt and rejection. Most cases, greed.

However you’ve found or you find yourself in this predicament, you must find yourself out…quickly. Affairs last as long as you allow it to. The deeper it goes, the more emotion goes into it. The very thought of waiting for a person to make time for you will drive you insane. It drives me insane just to plan and make time with my own husband. Why put more stress in your life by engaging in an affair which will go no where but downhill and become a messy situation?

Yes, I’ve heard stories of an affair turning into a “successful” relationship. But that’s after the fact of facing betrayal, secrets, lies, hurt, bitterness, anger, and hate. Trust is gone. And don’t think for one minute the thought of how you got that person won’t come to you in the time of crisis/tests. This will create a round of trust issues to be place on the other issues that weren’t face from the last relationship.

Crisis and tests will come. It happens in all relationships.  We must be willing to face it and address it. Counseling is helpful. But the most helpful thing you can do for all is be honest and to face reality.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you’re hurting and feeling as if you’re not worth your love’s time. Find a way to address it. Find a way to get through it. When all have been addressed, if possible to mend the relationship, do so. If not, walk away. But walk away knowing you did all you can to save your relationship. That sets you up for victory and a newfound freedom.

I’ll place the link here. If You’re Sleeping With A Married Person, Here’s How To End It Happy Reading. Take care of yourself. Guard your heart and mind. Until next blog.

Much Love,




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