Lyberti pronounced Liberty.

This is the name of my goddaughter. Today is her birthday. I decided to post my first blog in her honor today. I know you may ask why. I’ll explain. Let me tell you a little about Lyberti. She’s spontaneous, energetic, bold, courageous, fun, humorous, and most of all…loving. Her high pitched beautiful voice is heard over many.

She lives up to her name which means : the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views; the state of not being  enslaved or imprisoned; the POWER to act as one pleases(thank you search engine Bing).

As I think about the liberty in my life, I realized I haven’t exercised this very well. As my goddaughter runs with her family and friends, laugh and play, without a care in the world…I wonder how often do I get to do that.  how often do I get to just run freely amongst the crowd. Laughing when I want. Playing when I want. Singing out loud when I choose. Or just having a moment to soak in all that’s around me and enjoy it to the fullest. I don’t and I’m sure you don’t neither.

Adulthood is no joke. It can drain the very life out of you.  It requires maturity, strength, and wisdom at every cost. I get that. But as a mother and godmother, I often wonder how it will feel to go back to childhood and just live in that moment without a care about what others say or think.  So today I choose to start being free. Free from opinions. Free from conversations to make me feel my dreams could never come true or its impossible to achieve. Free from telling myself I’m not capable of doing the very thing I was sent to this earth to do. Free from thinking and acting as “they” think I should.

Freedom to walk in the very things of God and what he has ordained for my life. Freedom to embrace the possible and face the impossible with boldness. Freedom to be just who I am.

I choose freedom just as my goddaughter’s name is defined.

To you Lyberti, my goddaughter who I’m always amazed by, Happy Birthday and New Year to you. May God bless you to see many more.


As you can see, she’s living in her moment!


And to you my readers, Happy birth year (rebirth) and new year to you. Choose freedom today. Be the best you possible.

Much love and happiness,

Carlene V. Wright


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